Saturday, July 5, 2008

  {4th of July! :)}

I hope everyone had a fun and SAFE 4Th of July! With the weather being so hot and dry here it was really dangerous to do fireworks, not to mention they are illegal within the city of Austin. So we got the legal ones that don't shoot into the air! lol Good times! The day started with the 4Th of July parade that our neighborhood hosts. Lagan liked seeing the cops the best! lol We also had an awesome dinner that my sister and her husband cooked! Hotdogs and Beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon! I supplied my famous potato salad, and even more in demand home made salsa! (I'm going to share the recipe soon!!) And you can't have the 4Th of July without watermelon! YUM! And for sis brought a CHEESECAKE!! I would have taken a photo of it, but I was too busy eating it! lol Later on, we did our fire works and sparklers. Some of them were these tanks that shot out sparks and then blew up! That was really fun! So I thought I would share some photos in the form of a slide show for all my dial up users that don't want a ton of photos to load! Enjoy!!!
(its in the next post)

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