Wednesday, July 9, 2008

  {Dryer Birdies}

The past few weeks we noticed the clothes dryer wasnt drying the clothes! So naturally we went to work on cleaning it out and took out all of the lint....still not working! UHH!! I do NOT want to buy a new dryer!

So my mom suggested that I go check the vent outside from the dryer, and look what I found.....

yep! A BIRDS NEST! All that nest in that little tiny hole!! Luckily the little birdies had all flown the coop. But I pulled this nest out for almost 15 minutes! IT was really stuffed in there! This pile was about 2 feet wide, it doesnt look like much in the photo, but it was A LOT!! So I hope the mommy birdy and babies are doing OK, but PLEASE dont build your nest in my dryer vent anymore! lol

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