Wednesday, October 29, 2008

  {FINALLY....a new project!}

I promised I would post a new project, and I FINALLY got pictures of it! This project is SOOOOO easy, your going to wonder why you never thought of it!

This idea came to me when I was in the middle of the scrap booking supplies isle. I love to embellish my clothing and make it my own. So I saw the supplies to make this project and it was like a light bulb! So follow along and make your clothing one of a kind!

**For prices, I forgot. I bought these a few months back, but it is very low priced to do this! :)

Materials Needed:
1 package fabric flowers with large and small sizes
(I threw away the package so I don't have a photo! sorry!)
1 package fabric covered brads
Safety Pins
Here are the brads so you can see the brand and what the packaging looks like. The flowers are made by the same company! :)

Step 1: Gather all of your materials.

Step 2: Layer a small flower on a large flower.

Step 3: Push flowers through the brad (the flowers have a small hole in the middle)

Step 4: Flip flower over so brad is sticking up

Step 5: Push brad sides down so they are flat against the flower back.

Step 6: Next, take your safety pin and gently push it through the flower so its not visible on the other side

Step 7: Flip the flower over and make sure the pin is not visible

Here are a few that I made up ahead of time. You can make large ones with the small flowers on top, or without them. You can also make just the little ones.

Once you have made all of your flowers, then you can pin them onto your clothing. I love them on a t-shirt or even on a belt or my hand bag for the day. Today I decided to put them on my pea coat since its pretty chilly out today! :)

And speaking of embellishing your clothing, try some other ideas that make your clothing all yours. I LOVE buttons and use them quite often. I have had this cardigan since middle school!!! But it was getting a little dated, so I brought new life to it with a cluster of black and grey buttons of all different sizes! This is about $5.00 worth of buttons, and it makes it look like a whole new top!

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Shannon said...

What a cute idea!!! I love to use scrapbooking supplies for other projects. :)

Debbie @ said...

Hi Nikki, Hey I love these flowers you put together...I have not been able to find black flowers anywhere in my area, but am going to order some online tomorrow. This really is adorable.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Cute ideas Nikki!
Thanks for sharing.

AJ said...

Very Cute! I love embellishments! I wish I could still wear something from middle school-well, maybe not, I was a total twig back then:) Might look a little malnourished for my age;)

ROXY said...

neat idea!!

ko said...

u go girl!!!

ko said...

those brad thingys are so cool and can be used for so many things....i needed a manly candle, but something with a little bling...everything premade was way to i bought some brass...and old bronzy. cirlce brads and made them into the shape of a cross on the front of the candle it came out beautiful! I LOVE THOSE THINGS!

Kimba said...

Great idea! What a cute project! Thanks for sharing.


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