Monday, October 20, 2008

  {Getting better, Getting worse, and Getting presents!}

I feel so behind! I hate being sick. I have this terrible cough now and my throat feels like I swallowed razor blades! But at least I don't feel achy anymore, and I'm not as tired. So that's good news.

But some more bad news on top of being last wisdom tooth is coming in and it is killing me! I had one of them removed 2 years ago, plus another tooth that had given me problems since I was able to remember. My second wisdom tooth came in and I didn't even notice, so that was nice. But this one (the last one) is KILLING me! My dentist said that this one and the last one that came in are no big deal because they are coming in straight and I "have more than enough room for them"! Did my dentist just say I have a big mouth?!

So to help me get over all of this terrible-ness, (I know I totally made that up!) I am so happy get some awesome gifts!

First, I won a giveaway over at Nester's blog the other day. Thank you Nester for supporting women in business, and your email was so sweet! Your compliments on my designs made my day!
The giveaway is an awesome card design from Keri at Keri's Card Design on Etsy. Keri is so sweet, I cant wait to work with her!
Wouldn't these make AWESOME Christmas Cards?

Then I got an awesome gift from my buddy Leslie in the mail this weekend. She sent me an awesome Glade Plug in Scented Oil. It's Apple Cinnamon, and my entire house smells like hot apple cider! YUM!! I LOVE it! :) Thanks so much Leslie for hosting such awesome giveaways on your blog too! :) What was totally special was the sweet little note she sent with it, I love her little cards. They have her initials engraved in cool is that?

So that has pretty much wrapped up the good, the super awesome, the bad, and the really ugly from the past few days. I want to say thank you to everyone who sent your prayers over, I really hope I get over being sick by the end of this week so I can share a NEW TUTORIAL!! :) I'll give you a hint, its NOT for your home or for a scrap book, but it involves scrapbook supplies! Any guesses?...

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HeathahLee said...

My throat hurts, too! And I have a killer sinus headache that WON'T go away! We can be pitiful together, no? : )

Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Blissful Nikki said...

aww sweetie! I hope you feel better soon too! Im sending over some soup for you!! :)

Lora said...

So sorry about your tooth troubles! I had all four wisdom teeth cut out right after high school--not so much fun.

Congrats on your winnings!!:)

Mrs. Trixi said...

Lucky you, with all your gifts. Congratulations. I hope you feel better soon.

AJ said...

Well my goodness Nikki! Hope you are back to 100% really, really quick!! It must be this time of year. My little one is hacking away and my throat is as raw as could be! Blech!

Shannon said...

I hope you feel better soon! There is nothing worse than a painful tooth!

Awesome gifts! I really want to try those plugins.

Nicole said...

Ouch, glad my wisdom teeth got pulled when I was younger. Congrats on all your wins, I hope you get feeling better soon.

Leslie said...

Oh I am so glad that my little gift brightened your day, sounds like you could use it! So sorry you feel ill, that is just no fun! Hope you are back to yourself soon!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Two giveaways!! Very lucky!!

Miss Anne said...

Wisdom teeth are the worse!! I swear that mouth pain is the worst ever! I hope that the pain subsides for you. I'm glad that you are feeling better (sickwise).

Congrats on all the wins and prezzies! :)

I've also come to tell you that you've received an award on my blog! :) Enjoy and thanks for the inspiration!


ko said...

tooth troubles are the WORST! SO sorry! I am glad you are a bit better....ughhhh sore throats!!!!! Well soon you will be up and running!!!!!!!!!!! What a sweet gift! I LOVE THOSE!

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