Tuesday, December 23, 2008

  {Don't Panic..your can still have a beautiful Christmas!}

If your anything like me, you wait until the last minute to do EVERYTHING! I am the queen of procrastination!
But this year I had actually seen and idea for my table on Christmas that I just died over! So I bought the little balls and the candles and the candy and I put it all together, and I HATED IT!!!! So, a quick trip to the dollar store, and some creativity with things I already had, and I have a table fit for 10 in less than an hour. And the best part...it cost UNDER $30!!!

Here was my first table. I had purchased all of these items at Hobby Lobby and the Dollar store for this table. (There is a price breakdown at the bottom)

So I grabbed some garland that I still had in a box...

Still not enough.

Throw on some gold balls from the $1 store

getting better...

"Hey Mom, don't we have some of those paper mache letter that we can paint gold?"

Now, just a touch of ribbon on the candles and it's done!

Don't forget to fix the Chandelier to match!

and look, even Cuddles decided to get in on the red and white theme!!

So how did I do all of this for under $30?
(everything that is $1ea. are from the dollar store!)
Table Runner: $1.00
Crystal like candle holders: $1.00ea. X 4= $4.00
Taper Candles: Already had from IKEA
Small Red Candles: $1.00ea X 2= $2.00
Large white candles: $3.99ea. on 50% off sale= $3.99 for both
Garland: already had
Red Balls: $4.99 on 50% off sale= $2.49
Gold Balls: $1.00 ea X 2pkg= $2.00
J-O-Y Letters: $1.99 ea on 30% off sale= $4.17 for all three
Gold paint: already had
Glass Jars: Already had (From walmart $1.87 ea!)
Candy: Already had red hots and peppermint sticks, peppermint rounds were $1.00
Silver Charger Tray: $1.87 with 40% off coupon= $1.12

Oh, and HOP ON OVER to my Secret Blog, I have one more LAST MINUTE gift project that you can do TODAY!!!

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Nikki said...

Hey Nikki, I love your center piece. It is beautiful. I love the addition of the letters.

Christy said...

I just found your blog yesterday and love it! Thanks for posting so many great ideas. Would you mind sending me the link to your secret blog? That's a great idea too. I'll have to make one next year. Thanks! Christy
christyjoy at cox dot net.

AJ said...

Looks great and I love that it is budget friendly:)
Merry Christmas!

Sheri said...

The centerpiece is beautiful, but the DOG is the cutest thing ever!

PamperingBeki said...

Girl, you are crazy good!

I liked it in the first picture. ;-) But then it just got better and better!

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