Tuesday, January 13, 2009

  {Saving Money Week: Using coupons the smart way!}

Segment two of our Saving money week! I am so excited to hear every one's comments and get your emails about how you use coupons, or how you don't but you want to! So today's post is about using coupons wisely!

We already chatted about using coupons to create your stockpile, and today we are going to talk about how to get coupons for the items on your grocery list. This also has to do with price comparisons.

To save the most money on your grocery bill, first shop the front page of your local store's add. These items are what they call "Loss Leaders". I used to work at a grocery store, and they put these in there so you will get enticed by these items and then come in and shop for everything else at the store. DON'T BE FOOLED BY THIS TRICK! If you see something you would like to try or something you ALREADY buy (more about this in a minute...) then circle it and plan it into your menu. These loss leaders are items that the store actually looses money on to get you in there. But if you only shop these items, then you are getting the best deal for your money!

Now, once you have planned out your meals and made a list for that and anything else you need to pick up at the store, go online! That's right, some of the highest value coupons are available on line.
What I like to do is Google each item individually. For example, if I need taco shells, I will search "Old El Paso coupons" on google. If I find a coupon, I will print it out (*HINT..most online coupons allow you to print up to 2 coupons, so print them both out, you never know when you might need it!)

You can also find coupons at the following sites:
- Coupons.com
- Smart Source
- Pillsbury
- Betty Crocker
- Eat Better America
- Coupons Inc. (also known as Bricks Coupons)

You can also chat about coupons and sales at your specific store at websites like A Full cup, or MY FAVE, Hot Coupon World!

So, you have your list, your meals planned out, and your coupons in hand and your ready to go to the store.
Now, BE SMART! Look at the item your buying and ask yourself these questions...

1. Is it something your family really needs and/or eats fairly often?

2. Does it fit into your budget?

3. Is the price for the name brand with the coupon still more expensive than the store brand?

These are really good things to keep in mind when using your coupons. Often people get carried away just because they use coupons and they end up spending even more than they normally would!

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out how to stay on budget while your at the grocery store. Commonsense strategies that most people DON'T do! Plus, now that you have all of these coupons, how do you keep them organized?

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Songbirdtiff said...

Thanks for the tip about HCW. That place is AWESOME! The walgreens forum saves me a ton.

Ashley said...

Great tips! And I love HCW. I never knew about the loss leaders in the ad.

Amariah said...

Great tips... I had no idea that front page adds are loss leaders. I hardly ever use coupons, mostly because I don't get a newspaper. However, I will try going online to get some.


Kaylyn said...

Coupons are really the smart way to save money.

HeathahLee said...

These are great tips, Nikki! I love me some coupons! :)

Susie Harris said...

Girl... I need you to come a shopping with me~

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