Tuesday, July 8, 2008

  {Chandelier Rescue}


(this isnt acutally the one I had, just a photo I found of one very similar, but it gives you the idea! hehe)

I just love buying something that's ugly and making it pretty again!
I got this chandelier from craigs list for $15 about a year ago and I finally decided to do something with it!
So I gave it a fresh coat of black spray paint, and I added little shades is a beautiful purple tone that I got at garden ridge for $1 a piece!!

I think it looks pretty awesome now if I do say so myself!


Project Cost:
Chandelier $15
Black Spray Paint $1.00
Shades $6.00
Total: $22.00

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I found you through Kimba. Love it! I have done two of these one for my kitchen and the other in my guest room. I think we should all from a spray painting club.


Marvelous Mom...just Managing:) said...

I found you over at Kimba's and wanted to see your post on spray painting. I am completely dying..it looks awesome, but with that being said, I am hyperventilating because I have had a chandelier identical to that in my attic since I moved into our house - 12 years ago, and just gave it to good will LAST WEEK!!! I love spray paint but would have never thought of that in a million years. Off to drink some more coffee and then mourn the fact I TOLD my husband I was keeping it or a decade for a good reason.:)

Anonymous said...

I've done this in my dining room and I love the way it looks now. I actually recommended painting a chandeliar to a friend last night! How funny you posted this.

-- Brandi

Blissful Nikki said...

Hey Girls! Thank you so much for stopping by! :)

I LOVE the idea of a spray painting club! :) We definatly need to get that going!!

Nikki said...

That was a great find, I really need to find one for my dining room table. I'm all about some spray paint!

janae said...

I want to go to this Garden Ridge...sounds like yoe get some great deals there and I LOVE the purple shades....that's looks like the color in my front room.

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