Monday, August 11, 2008

  {Being Vulnerable}

"She smells like a blessing!"

I was just reading my friend Melissa's blog a moment ago. She had shared a very vulnerable post about the situation she is living right now, but in the midst of this terrible time, she shared something beautiful. Something that made me realize that maybe I am not the kind of Mom I should be.

Sometimes I take being a mom for granted. Sometimes I wonder why I was blessed with a child when my sister hasn't been. I mean, I didn't ask for it. I was the last person on Earth God should have EVER given a child. But I know that I am blessed for a reason, and tonight, while I was reading Melissa's post, I realized...I am blessed with Lagan because she blesses others!

She brought our family together when we were falling apart.
She taught me how to grow up and become a good person.
She is so smart, she makes me so proud because I never did well in school.
She holds me when I cry because I feel like a failure.
She tells me I don't look fat in my jeans, even though I know I do!
She makes me cereal and brings it to my room all soggy and spilling out of the bowl, and she is so proud!
She makes me smile.
She makes me Laugh.
Sometimes she makes me angry, but I realize that she's just trying to get my attention.

And I am guilty of not giving it to her when I should. made me realize that I shouldn't take this life for granted. That God gives me blessings, not burdens. He saw what she would do in my life. He knew that even though I was only 17 when I had her, that I would grow up to be His, and I would raise her to be His. He knew that I would have a hard time with it, so I would lean on Him for support. He would catch me when I fall.
He made her smell like a blessing!

Thank you Jesus!!!

So after I read this post, I snuck upstairs and snapped some photos of my blessing! Thank you Lord for sharing her with me. I am going to do my best to give her the attention she deserves, and treat her as the blessing she is. I will not take her for granted. Be strong within me Lord.

Thank you for letting me be Vulnerable.

Mommy loves you Lou!

8 comments: said...

Awww! What a sweet, heartwarming post. And right before my bedtime too. I love ending on an good note!

Kimba said...

What a touching post. Thanks for sharing your heart. This was really good for me to read this morning. I need to remember how blessed I am by my children. Thank you.

Bella said...

They are cutest when they are sleeping, aren't they? ;)

What a lovely post :)


Deb said...

I had tears in my eyes as I read your post. So beautiful. I think we all go through those times where we stop and realize that we could do so much better as mothers. It is such a hard job sometimes, and raising children now is so much harder than it used to be. Your little one is lucky to have you because you recognize what you have and what a treasure she is. Good job.

Britt said...

Aww, look at my precious!!! She most definitely IS a blessing!

chelle's winks said...

This is a great post!

ko said...

That is absolutely precious! Isnt it AMAZING how God can absolutely loves us and bless us even in our sinfulness. What a wonderful post. Ohhh she is beautiful!!!! Just like her MAMA!

Belle-ah said...

What a lovely tribute to the growth that Motherhood (continually) brings. Love those photos!

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