Thursday, August 7, 2008

  {So you think you can}

YAY JOSHUA!!! Wow! I L-O-V-E this show! I don't normally blog about TV, but this show is so close to my heart! See, I danced for 15 years but then I shattered my growth plate in my ankle and I cant ever dance again. But dance was and still is a huge part of my life!

So my sister and I watch it religiously, and tonight was the huge finale, and Joshua, my favorite from the beginning, won!! This is huge in the world of dance because he has NO formal training!! Hes a street dancer, and that's saying a lot for him. They made this man do so many styles of dance, and he mastered them all. From hip hop to ballroom, salsa, modern, Broadway, and even Bollywood, he ROCKED!!

I totally cried when his partner Katie got eliminated, because that girl was born to dance! But I was just thrilled with the outcome! I have to give a HUGE shout out to Twitch and Courtney for making it to the top 4, they are both amazing dancers!

And now I am so jealous because my sister is going to see the top 10 LIVE, and I cant go!!!! I hope she takes LOTS of pictures! So here are some photos from tonight's finale! Enjoy, and CONGRATS JOSHUA!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! hehehe :)


Britt said...

O-M-G it was SOOOOOO good tonight! Caress & I were jumping up and down when Joshua won!! I LOVED all the "favorite" dances they did again tonight! I can't wait for the tour!! hehe ;)

Joanne Kennedy said...

This was such a good season this year. So many wonderful dancers. The first time I saw Joshua I wanted him to win. I loved how he danced. Talk about someone who was born to dance! This guy is great.


The Berry's Patch said...

My daughter absolutely loves this show. I peek at it every now and then when she is watching. I liked Joshua a lot and Katie. Way to go Josh!

chelle's winks said...

It was a good season, wasn't it...

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