Monday, September 22, 2008

  {All work and no play...}

So I feel like my life has been all work and no play for a few weeks and I can feel it both in my body and my soul. So yesterday after church, Lagan and I went to the park to hang out together. It was really nice to just spend time with her, taking photos, looking at the leaves, which I am SHOCKED about, because the leaves NEVER change colors here in Austin! I think the hurricane brought in cooler weather and the Fall season!

So here are some photos from our day! Oh, and how cute does Lay look in this outfit? I made it for her many months ago and we finally got it on her!! I was so happy :)

she had no idea what to think about these huge colorful leaves!

Can you tell her "pose"? lol

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Tara said...

Oh my goodness!! She is such a doll!! I'm glad you are getting to see some pretty colors there in Texas. In our yard, we already have one tree that has lost all it's leaves!!

Gina said...

What a cutie!!! Love that outfit!!!

So fun about the leaves changing!! I'm glad you took the time to enjoy the day!!!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Wow Nikki-Amazing job you did on the outfit-It is beautiful like your daughter. I love the little button on the bottom of the pants.
You are one talented lady.
Happy First Day of Fall,

AJ said...

She is just too cute:) Those are some huge leaves!

Aunt Mimi's Creations! said...

Oh, how much I miss seeing the leaves change and the crisp night air. Love Lagan's new outfit, so cute!

Britt said...

Aww, look at my baby!!! :)

Lora said...

Beautiful girl and beautiful outfit!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Nikki,
She is adorable! Love your big pics! Would you consider doing a tutorial on that?

Empty Nest Full Life said...

She is beautiful and looks so perplexed looking at those leaves. Have a great week! Jackie

Amanda said...

Hi Nikki!

Thank so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your daughter is precious and I love her name. I'll be back to visit you!


Katie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. What a beautiful daughter you have. I love her outfit too. Do you sell your stuff, adorable. You defiantly are talented. Love your pictures, They have that it qualtity I love. Keep in touch.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

What pretty pictures! And happy fall! It looks like you are finally getting some fall weather!

Tausha said...

those are the coolest leaves. we get lots of color here in UTAh-but they don't look as cool as that!
I love her cute little outfit!
So wish that I could sew! One person with so many talents-not fair I tell you-not fair!

sarah @ a beach cottage said...

i love your pics too!!! really cool

wow she is a big cutie, you'll have to keep her locked up lol


Sandy Toes said...

She is so cute! I love love love that outfit she has on! What a great blog!
-Sandy Toes
*I am adding you to my I can come back!

ko said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! Such Pretty eyes!! :) What and adorable outfit you made her!! LUCKY GIRL! WE are taking a little road trip to Mississippi this weekend, I hope we see some signs of fall! HOpe you have a great TUESDAY!

Songbirdtiff said...

Hi there! Thanks for coming by my blog. I've been looking over yours a little bit and I've subscribed. I'm just getting back into coupon shopping after TOTALLY burning myself out last year. I'll look forward to your future posts.


Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Those EYES!! Such a sweetheart :), she looks adorable in these pics, and the outfit you made is fabulous! Can't believe that one multi-colored leaf!

Pam Hawk said...

Adorable, adorable!
Both Lay and her outfit.
-Pam Hawk

Shannon said...

She is so cute and what a cute outfit!!!

Jerri Lynn @ Southern Sassyness said...

She is about the cutest thing - love the pic of her holding the leaves!

You made that outfit? It's darling!

Love your blog!

Liz said...

She has such gorgeous eyes!

Amber said...

Hi Nikki! You were my first comment on my new blog! Yoohoo!! Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment.

Your daughter is so cute. You did a wonderful job on her outfit. That's one thing that I'd love to officially learn how to do - sew. I've dappled in it a little, but I've never really gotten very far.

Oh, I watched your coupon binder video. What a great idea! I think I'm going to provide a link to that from my blog within the next few days. I always clip coupons but have never found an efficient way to organize them. I think this is a great idea! Oh, and you have really nice nails!!!

Well, take care!

Britt said... you still have those leaves by any chance? Or can you get some for me? My kids are learning about "Fall" next week and they are going to do some projects w/ leaves...those would be awesome! I would greatly appreciate it :) Love u!

Darlene said...

Hi Nikki,

Your daughter is GORGEOUS and the outfit is ADORABLE...what a great job you did on it!! I do hope y'all took those beautiful leaves home to use in any Fall decorating you do. Just Beautiful!!

HeathahLee said...

She is so adorable! I wish I could sew like that! I guess with a little practice... : )

Kelly said...

Oh my dear, I just love this fabric..I made a bib out of a FQ of this fabric for a friend & now I want to make the baby a dress seeing this outfit. Great work

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