Friday, September 12, 2008

  {Hurricane, Hurricane, go away!}

Wow, I thought Tina had problems with Ike! Now its me!! (ok, that was wrong, I'm sorry! lol)

Hurricane Ike is said to hit tonight and is coming straight for us! Its a little scary. Lagan gets out of school early today so that no one is out picking up their kids when all the people from the coast are coming. So please pray for our family and everyone here in Texas that we are all ok!

Also, one of my readers is giving an AWESOME deal!!
GingerLouise Clothing is offering 20% your order from her Etsy store until Sunday to all of my readers!! Isn't that awesome?
All you have to to is visit her store:
and convo her mentioning my blog to get your discount!!

And let me tell you, she has some AMAZING stuff! And I am super picky about my custom mades for my daughter because I always say "I could make that!" lol But her fabrics and styles are just lovely! (Very Matilda Jane and Gen Marie style!) And SUPER low prices!! So go snag some swag for your princess! Thank you so much Laura!!!! (Oh, and here is a link to her blog also,

So that's about it for today! I might be gone for a few days because of this storm, but keep us all in your prayers that everything is OK and back to normal by Monday!
Love you guys!!

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signmakingmoms said...

I just moved from TX and I have lots of friends I'm praying for. I 'll add you to my prayers. Take care.
Thanks for commenting on our blog. ☺

Shannon said...

I hope you are ok with Ike!!
I wish I had kids to buy this cute clothing!!! :)

Tausha said...

oh-I hope that all is going to be ok where you are. Dang hurricanes! I am praying for you and will keep you and your neighbors in my thoughts.
Your daily meme's are awesome! i love all the ideas that you share and the super cute little buttons that you made. Aren't you just so creative. Is there anything that you don't know how to do?
Hope that you will get missed! Will check back in a couple days to see if all is well.

HeathahLee said...

I'm praying for you! Try to keep us updated when you can!

Tara said...

Stay safe! You will be in my prayers!

AJ said...

Oh I so wish I could get some new cute clothes for my little ones! I'm praying for you and your family!!!! Be safe!!!!!

Anna said...

that's a really beautiful dress. I live about 25 miles from Houston, so tonight will be a long night with all the wind that will be coming. It is already really bad out at Galveston and the storm is still a long way away.

Aunt Mimi's Creations! said...

Praying for you all keep safe!

Imperfect said...

Hope you all are staying safe! Thinking of you and praying for you all!

chickadee said...

hope you are ok. you've got a very cute blog.

Mrs. Trixi said...

Nikki, I am praying you are all safe!!!

GingerLouise said...

You've been featured!

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