Tuesday, September 30, 2008

  {Live Well Wednesday: Week:7}

Wow! So I have been REALLY behind this week! I am currently designing 15 blogs, 3 logos, and 2 websites, plus I'm trying to get the laundry, grocery shopping, and housework done! Needless to say, my poor blog has been neglected!

BUT....my body has not! Nope, I still have time to exercise and I am SOOOOO excited to share that I FINALLY hit my first 10 pound loss!! That's 40 sticks of butter!! GROSS!!!

So I am glad that its no longer on my body, and I hope I never see it again!! I am now up to a three mile walk 4 times a week, and 2 days a week, I am doing a strength training video from Leslie Sansone. Every once in a while I throw in this ab workout too. Its really easy, so its great for a beginner.

Last week at bible study, all the girls were discussing my workout routine. Our awesome leader, Christy, suggested I get a balance ball to do my ab workout. Does anyone have one? Do you like it? I am thinking it will be less straining on my back and neck, so I might enjoy it more than laying on the floor!

I used to work at a spa here in Austin, the Lake Austin Spa and resort, and they let us take free classes! Well, I LOVED this one that we did a workout with the BOSU.

And let me tell you, a BOSU will KICK YOUR BEHIND!!! Its an awesome workout, but man, it was hard to walk out to my car after the class was done! I highly recommend taking a BOSU class if you ever get the opportunity! :)

So I hope I gave you all some good ideas on how to mix up your routine, get a little change in there every once in a while. It's really easy to get bored and give up! So hang in there!

And just as an added bonus for everyone reading, I calculated that if I loose 50 pounds by this time next year, that will be 200 sticks of butter!! YIKES!!!!!

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Sarah Kate said...

I love my balance ball. I have arthritis and fibromialgia and it just feels great. You can look up other exercises to do with it on sparkpeople.com. It is a great website for tracking weight loss and healthy goals. I think they also post their free videos on Youtube. Also, I wanted to tell you, I made a coupon book like yours and I like it much better!

Marie said...

Waaaah! I love butter. Thanks for freaking me out. lol Congrats on your weight loss!!! TEN POUNDS is awesome! I'm very happy for you. I blogged a little today about my lack of loss (one pound!!) and you have managed to motivate me! Thank you!!!

Priscilla said...

Good job!!!!! You go, girl!

The Beauty Bargainista said...

Sarah Kate, thank you so much for that website, I am going to check it out right now!!

And Marie, hang in there. I lost 1 pound at first too, but just remember the slower it is to come off, the most likely it is to stay off! :)

Melissa Lee said...

Sweet Blissful Niki,

Please re-read my recipe from today BEFORE you make it. I left out some key things that will make it lots more FATTENING and a lot less, well, disgusting. ;-)Sorry..but it's totally worth it, I swear.

Melissa at Stretch Marks

kristi_temple said...

congrats on losing 40 sticks of butter! That's alot! Last summer, I had a friend living with us and we exercized and cooked together. I lost 21 pounds from mid June to the beginning of September. I have maintained that weight for a year but I still want to lose 30-40 more pounds. I hate exercizing alone. I need to find a workout buddy. I have tried the Bosu and it was not easy.

Shannon said...

Congrats on 10 pounds!! That is inspiring!

Unknown said...

Hi Nikki
Congratulations on your 10 pound weight loss. I think if you take it off slow and easy like you're doing, it is more likely that you'll keep it off.

AJ said...

You are one busy girl! Congrats on doing so well with your lifestyle change:)

katylinvw said...

wow!!! congratulations!!!

i also wanted to let you know that i've given you a blog award - swing by any time to pick it up :)

Shell in your Pocket said...

What a great sight! So funny about the butter!
-Sandy Toes

Jerri Lynn @ Southern Sassyness said...

Awesome job! Have you really tweaked your diet as well? That is definitely the HARDEST part for me!

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