Thursday, September 4, 2008

  {So much to little energy to do it}

Wow....I am so tired! I thought working out was supposed to give you energy. Where is mine????? I feel good for like 10 minutes after I finish working out. But when the sweat dries, its back to tired Nikki.

Oh well, I'm sure it will just get better with time. Right? I mean it has to. I cant live like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.......Sorry, lost my cool there for a minute. I'm OK!

So anyway, the beautiful Miss Stacy over at The Blessed Nest wrote me the sweetest comment today. Now, keep in mind that I have about 12 posts in "draft" that I want to post, but I thought her comment was worth a blog post.

She said "I want to know, how in the world you can be a chef, designer (clothes & blog), jewelry maker, etc etc AND be so darn great at all of it! AND be a single mom working from home and doing it successfully. Give all of us a post so that we can get encouragement to figure out & follow our own dreams!! :)"

How sweet is that? Well, Stacy, I think as women in general we feel run down and tired and unable to reach our goals. So I will tell you the awesome way that I have figured out how to juggle it all............ are you ready for this? I don't think your ready, maybe you should sit down. (Ok, I realize your at the computer so your already sitting...but still)

I DON'T! lol I don't handle everything. I live in a constant state of worry, stress, dis-organization, prayer, and utter chaos! I'm not even joking. My life is wonderful, don't get me wrong. But sometimes I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. (Which of course, I have none because everyone loves me! lol)

But, to give you some encouragement I will take you through a typical day.

(Now keep in mind...I sew when I feel like it, its not really scheduled. Same with my jewelry. Most of it gets made at 2am when I'm laying in bed watching Dirty Dancing or Foot Loose...yeah, I'm an 80's kid!)

6:15 first alarm goes off second clock goes off (I'm totally lazy!)

6:35...Put on a bra and wake up Lagan

6:35-7:12, make breakfast for Lay, pack lunch, check take home folder, run around crazy trying to find my shoes that I have tripped over three times in search of them. Run out of the house only to get half way down the street to realize I left Lay's backpack in the kitchen. Turn around, get said backpack, and head to school.

7:20...drop Lagan off at school and fight soccer moms in the SUV's that are too big for them to control then drive through two school zones to finally get home.

7:35...check mail from day before, feed cat, and workout.

8:00...check emails while trying to bring my breathing back to normal, then fix breakfast and clean myself up.

9:00...start real work. Check more emails, wait for clients to write back, design blogs, work, work, work. Check emails, wait for clients, check email, check blog for comments (because, lets face it, I live for them!).

12:30...make lunch and eat while catching up on the DVR. Then go back to work.

2:00...wait 45 minutes for Lagan to come out of class, because if you aren't there by 2:00 you wont get a good spot in line to pick up your kids! So I use this time to read, text people, and eat a snack.

Then from 3:00pm on its a mix of spending time with Lagan, checking emails, designing blogs, cooking dinner, blogging for Gourmet Momma, and general cleaning of the house.

8:00...Lagan goes to bed, and I come blog over here, and finish working for the day.

I typically go to bed around midnight and start all over again the next day!

See, nothing too exciting or on the brink of the success of life. But some how I manage to not die of exhaustion and have a happy daughter.

I hope you always find time to chase your dreams! They are certainly work chasing. I had to chase mine down and hold a knife to its throat to get it to come home with me, but I think its happy here now! :)


Rae said...

You wonder why you're so tired?! Reading your list made me exhausted!!! You are an amazing woman!! Seriously, I have consistently worked out for over three years and still do not have the extra energy the gurus promise you. I think I'm broken! :)

Nikki said...

You are one busy lady. I'm still trying to make it all work and don't have it all together either.

I'm still waiting on the more energy from working out.

ko said...

u r tooo cool! :) A GO GETTER CHIC!
You will get better with being tired I am sure of it!
Lov eya

Aunt Mimi's Creations! said...

Nikki you just amaze me! I love your blog and how open you are about your everyday life! You go girl!

PS: After I work out it has helped to have a protein shake, bar or some other source of protein.

Joy said...

Girl, have you read your schedule?!? You're not getting enough sleep! That's why you're tired. Then you run, run, run when you are awake. Is that the definition of "chasing your dreams"?

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Thanks for sharing, and I see why you're tired! That's a lot in one day :). I guess what I have to remember is that you DO have to chase your dreams and MAKE them come true. Can't wait for it to fall in my lap! Now, just need to decide which direction to head in...or I could be like you and go after all of them at the same time ;)!! Anyway, thanks girl!


Sandy Toes said...

I was tired just reading your schedule! You have quite a schedule and you go to bed at midnight! I have been going to bed later and's hard when there is so much to be done!

Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

-Sandy Toes

Ashley said...

You are very busy but I'm guessing staying on the go like that is what keeps your life interesting and happy! Good for you!

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