Tuesday, February 24, 2009

  {Menu Plan Monday and GCC Roundup}

So I didn't get a chance to post my menu yesterday, so I thought I would post it today with my grocery round up! :)

Menu this week:
Monday: We had chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes with corn (HEALTHY!!! LOL)
Tuesday: SHROVE TUESDAY! We had pancake dinner!! With bacon and strawberries
Wednesday: Dutchess Soup and rolls
Thursday: Baked Spaghetti (I didn't get to make it last week) with salad and bread
Friday: Bible Study Night, I'm taking turkey chili and cornbread again, it was a HUGE hit last week!
Saturday: (Celebrating my sister and BIL's wedding anniversary) Turkey and corn pudding with green beans. Cake for dessert.
Sunday: turkey Panini's with sweet potato fries.

Now for my shopping today:

Sun Harvest:
Celery $.77
Spinach $.47
Cilantro $.33
Fuji Apples $.63
Cameo Apples $.62
Red Grapes $1.54
3 Lg Potatoes $.83

Store Total: $5.19 w/tax

New Flower Farmers Market:
3 hearts Romaine $.99
10 grapefruit $1.00
Hot House Tomatoes $.85
Baby Carrots $.99
Bananas $1.71

Store Total: $5.89 w/tax

Rolls $2.50
Pretzels $1.18
Swt. Pot. Fries $2.68
Deli Turkey $3.01
Paper Towels $1.86
Bacon $1.88
Corn bread mix (for the corn pudding) $.44
Tea Bags $1.00
Cake Mix $.88
Oatmeal $1.18
2 Pringles $1.90
3 doz. Eggs $3.84
2 loaves Bread $1.76
5lb sugar $1.76
Coffee $2.22
Vegetable Oil $1.94
Juice Boxes $1.82
Creamed Corn $.57
Canned Corn $.57
Pam Spray $1.46
Baking Powder $.81
20 Tortillas $1.36
Tomato Sauce $.46
Granola Bars $2.00
Frosting $1.26
Green Beans $1.14
Chili Seasoning $.32
Mayo $1.57
Ground Turkey $1.38
Q-Tips $1.34
Nasal Spray $1.98
Excedrin Migraine $.94
Excedrin Back and Body $2.97 (a new must have for my job!)
Deodorant $0.94
Greeting Card $.44

Store Total: 55.94 w/tax

2 Gallons of milk $4.78

Store Total: 5.17

GRAND TOTAL for the week: $72.19
a little over, but still not bad! :)

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ko said...

u have gotten me hooked on those 2 web sites!!! I LOVE chicken, mashers, and corn......my fav.....hahaha
i was craving pancakes tonight!!! I wish I was over there eating with you guys ...i made tacos...pretty good, but pancakes sound sooooooooo good!!!!!! I am totally going to get ORGANIZED NEXT WEEK....and do the Grocery cart challenge!!!
love ya friend!

Shell in your Pocket said...

You amaze me...I can never do that! Help me!
~Sandy toe

ElizabethClare said...

Great grocery shopping. I don't know what your area is like, but I would suggest trying to find another grocery store than Walmart. It seems that I can usually beat the Walmart price at other grocery-only stores. I'm also not tempted to buy other non-grocery items that I would find at walmart. You might be able to shave a few more dollars off. Hope this helps a little. Hope your loving your new job. I pray for you a lot.

Blessings your way,

Les & Sweetie Berry said...

you goose...I didn't know you were here too! duh!! Look forward to reading more and appreciating you more and more and more! I've begun a new thing for stepmoms www.growingintolovely.com still formulating, but you're welcome to come play.

Nicole said...

Wow, could you come help me shop? I think you did great.

Sheila said...

Hi Nikki! I just wanted to thank you for blogrolling me (To Love, Honor and Vacuum), and to tell you that you won my February book giveaway!

Your blog sent the highest number of new visitors to my site, so I'd like to mail you a book! Just pop on over to To Love, Honor and Vacuum and email me through the About Me section. We can talk!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Great buys! Came over from Sheila's blog. Congratulations on being February's winner.

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