Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Do you ever just feel trapped by the world, the enemy, and life? Well, that's how I feel lately. I feel trapped. So I was watching this movie last night, Spirit, and when this song came on, its exactly how I feel right now...check out the video and the lyrics under.....

Got to fight another fight - I gotta run another night

Get it out - check it out

I'm on my way and I don't feel right

I gotta get me back - I can't be beat and that's a fact

It's OK - I'll find a way

You ain't gonna take me down no way

Don't judge a thing until you know what's inside it

Dont' push me - I'll fight it

Never gonna give in - never gonna give it up no

If you can't catch a wave then your'e never gonna ride

You can't come uninvited

Never gonna give in - never gonna give up no

You can't take me I'm free

Why did it all go wrong? - I wanna know what's going on

And what's this holding me?

I'm not where I supposed to be

I gotta fight another fight

I gotta fight will all my might

I'm getting out , so check it out

Ya, you're in my way

So you better watch out

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Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

Very inspiring -- thanks for sharing!

Gabrielle said...

Awesome, thank you!!

Fulton Quads said...

I feel that way a lot lately! In my dreams MOMMYHOOD was NOT suppose to be this tough!! LOL! Thanks for the inspiration to get through another HARD day!
Love, Cathy & her quads

Ashley said...

You received a blog award. Check out my post at:

Britt said...

You are WAY overdue for a new blog post!!! :)

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