Friday, July 17, 2009

  {I finally made Biscuits!!}

Ok, so if you know me at all, you know that I CAN NOT make biscuits! I failed at making them in culinary school, I can not make them at home...I have tried EVERY recipe and technique that I could think of. I have had friends try to teach me...even my baking teacher in Culinary School offered to train me on a weekend! I'm THAT hopeless.....but never the less, I STILL keep trying! It just bugs me that I can make anything BUT freaking biscuits! I'm from Texas for goodness sakes!!

So, I came across this recipe this weekend and I was determined to make it! The technique was to make them in the food processor...which I thought would make them too tough, but NOPE, they were AWESOME!! So I will let the pictures do the talking....

Pretty cool huh? I almost cried! NO JOKE!! :)
So we stuffed them with sausage patties, eggs and some all natural cheese...YUM!

Cost for breakfast:
Cheese: .71, sausage 1.00, eggs: free, already had them, Biscuits: free, already had everything, so $1.71! AWESOME!!

We did however eat out for "linner". We went to the funeral for our Pastor's son this afternoon and went out with our family after it was over. It was a beautiful service!
Dinner was at Jason's Deli and cost $36.00 for 4 people.

So our daily total was $37.71
bringing our weekly total to: $47.47! Not Bad!! :)

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ko said...

i'm drooling......Oh that looks DELISH! I am going to send you my moms recipe for her biscuits! You make them with sourdough starter!!! THEY ARE THE BEST EVER!!! CONGRATS ON YOUR ACHIEVEMENT!!!

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