Tuesday, July 21, 2009

  {Playing Catchup with Recipes!}

So sorry everyone, I finally found my camera battery charger and got everything up and running again! But you will have to excuse some of these images...they are from my other camera that is REALLY terrible since I cant control the focus or the manual settings like I can on my Rebel! :(

But here is catchin' up for you! Also, I decided to do a total of all my ingredients at the end of the week instead of by the meal! :)

Saturday: we had Oatmeal with Apples and toast for breakfast

we went to a family Birthday for lunch, so lunch was free!

and I made BBQ chicken pizza for dinner!

Sunday: we had home made bagels for breakfast with jelly

for lunch we had turkey sandwiches on home made bread with chips (I love adding tons of veggies to mine!)

and for dinner we had baked pasta with meatballs made from leftover turkey meat. I also threw in some canned spinach that I have had sitting in my pantry for ever, and I grated up some zucchini into it as well...SO good! I also made some garlic toast on our homemade bread! YUM!!

Monday: breakfast was scratch made waffles with turkey sausage

lunch was tuna salad sandwiches and fritos (the kind with reduced salt...they are SO much better!!)

dinner I made hamburger soup and buttery bread machine rolls... these rolls are OUT OF THIS WORLD!! If you have never tried them, you HAVE to! Your family will thank you!! :)

Then Today, Tuesday: we had grits, toast, and peaches for breakfast
lunch, we had pizza (its always good to keep extra sauce and cheese around if you dont have leftovers and whip up pizza anytime!) and for dinner I made 8 layer tortilla stack..not bad! :)
{sorry I didnt get a picture...I was starving and forgot to take one before it was all gone! lol}

So that catches you up for now! :) Thanks for tuning in!!!

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Britt said...

mmmm rolls! Just looking at the picture has me drooling over those little fluffy pieces of carb heaven :)

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