Tuesday, July 14, 2009

  {recipe of the Day: Chicken Chimichangas with Green Sauce}

Tonight's recipe is so simple and easy, you might be like me and already have all the ingredients in your pantry.

I made this with one of the containers of chicken I had from the whole chicken I roasted the other day. I also already had all the other ingredients, so this was another free recipe for me!

To make these you will need:
1 1/2 cups chopped chicken
8 flour tortillas
1 pkg cream cheese
1/2 pkg taco seasoning (I made my own)
2C shredded Monterrey jack cheese
1 small can green enchilada sauce
sour cream (optional)
oil for frying

Here is how to make them:
1.) In a bowl (I used my kitchen aid with the paddle attachment) combine cream cheese, chicken, taco seasoning, 1C shredded cheese.

2.) Scoop mixture evenly into tortillas, then fold up ends and sides, place seam side down for a few minutes to secure.

3.) Heat enough oil to just barely cover the bottom of your pan. Place in 2-3 chimichangas at a time, seam side down, until golden brown, about 45 seconds - 1 minute per side. Drain on paper towels

4.) Warm green sauce in the microwave and top each chimichanga with sauce and sour cream.

I served mine with white rice and it was delish!!

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Michele said...

Wow! I always thought that chimichangas were hard to make and needed to be deep fried. What a great recipe!

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