Friday, July 24, 2009

  {shrimp, burritos and cookies?}

So the title sounds like an odd combination, but I assure you, I did not eat them all at once! lol

No, just a recap of yesterday and today's meals!
So yesterday, Thrusday, we had eggs and leftover bacon for breakfast (not picture worthy! lol). For lunch, my sister came over and we went to the store to pick up some stuff for lunch.
I made more home made tortiallas...but this time I rolled them out with a rolling pin instead of the tortilla press...much more thin and DELISH! They were gone in seconds! At the store we picked up supplies to make Chili con queso with ground beef in it and chips! SO GOOD! Lagan wont eat that, so I got her a frozen kids meal...a special treat for her! And we got some soda..which I dont drink, but good for the crowd! lol

Dinner, I DID get a pic of... I made baja shrimp with shrimp I got on sale like 4 weeks ago and put in the freezer, a baja seasoning packet I had in the pantry since we moved here I'm sure, and some orzo pasta that has been in there just as long! :) So a totally free meal...which made up for the $15 I spent at the store for lunch! but we are still under budget!! YAY!! Here is the shrimp:

AND...if your still with me after this long post, If your interested, I have posted my running totals on the sidebar for the grocery challenge from All You Magazine, as well as a link to their blog so you can follow other frugal chicks along the way! :)

Now, TODAY...FRIDAY, we woke up and had the rest of the bagels from the baking day last week, as well as some yogurt that we needed to finish! (However, I still have yogurt in the fridge...I never buy yogurt, yet there always seems to be a never ending supply in the fridge! lol)
Lunch was burritos:
just take some flour tortillas (homemade is awesome!), leftover refried beans from last week, some taco bell sauce packets {just grab extra on your next trip!}, onionn if you wish, and the rest of the cheese at the bottom of the package! lol Roll all together and microwave about 1.5minutes. YUMMY!!!

Dinner, we are going to bible study and its sort of potluck, so I am bringing Oatmeal Rasin Cookies: RECIPE HERE.

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