Wednesday, July 22, 2009

  {Steakhouse at Home}

Today's meals were really good! We started the morning off with Lagan's Favorite, FRENCH TOAST!! MMMMM!!!!!

For lunch I made a tossed salad with ing. that we had left over from all of our meals, plus some odds and ends from the fridge. It was a major hit! I also served the rest of the rolls from the other night, and I made the croutons from the heels of the bread I made earlier in the week.

For dinner I decided to make a steak house at home. After all, going to a steak house can cost upwards of $20 per person or more! So I grabbed some meat I got on sale about 3 weeks ago that I had in the freezer and marinated it like so:

then I cooked it in a pan that was REALLY hot just until it turned brown so it wasn't tough. Then I sauteed some mushrooms that I had in the fridge with some steak sauce and water! Makes a really wonderful sauce!

I also made "smashed potatoes". I made the baked potatoes in the microwave, then smashed them with a plate! Then topped them with bacon, cheese, and dried chives and baked them for about 10 minutes on 350.
(these were SOOOOOO GOOD!!)

I also made wedge lettuce salad with an iceberg wedge and Russian dressing I already had. And made a bag of mixed veggie steamers!

So there you have it, take simple ingredients like this:

and make them into this:

Steak house on a budget!! :)

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Heathahlee said...

We did steak the other night, too! Hubby got sirloins on sale for 1/2 price, so we did those, baked potatoes, and strawberry spinach salad. Ooooh it was good stuff.

Yours looks wonderful, too (well, except the mushrooms...I don't do mushrooms...if hubby had remembered he had some in the fridge he would have made some just like you did, and I would have smelled that smell all night! I'm glad he forgot!). Those potatoes, that salad, MmmmmMMmmmmMMM!

ko said...

that all looks DELISH!.......mmmmmm especially the french toast...thats funny...becca asked for it this AM

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