Saturday, January 3, 2009

  {Why I was and wasn't cool in 2008}

I know everyone has already done their new years posts, but I thought it would be really funny to look back on 2008 and see what we did that was "cool" and what wasn't! :)
I can defiantly say, no matter how young I am, I am still not on point with a lot of the trends that this past year had to offer. So I thought I would make a list and feel free to make your own and link back to me. After all, I don't want to be the only loser from '08! lol

What I DID DO that was cool in 2008:
I wore footless tights
I wore high waisted belts (A LOT!)
I got side swept bangs
I did the "Posh Spice" hair cut
I bought 20 pairs of ballet flats
I joined facebook and sent "flair"!

What I DIDN'T DO that was cool in 2008:
I didn't buy an iPhone
I didn't wear skinny jeans (yikes!)
I never bought Gladiator Sandals
I didn't go "Green" (I bought some reusable grocery bags, but that's about it)
I didn't read any of the Twilight books (or see the movie!-GASP!)
I never caught on to Bikram yoga (or "Hot" yoga, where you do your moves in an 80+ degree room! NO THANKS!)
I didn't see "The Dark Knight"
I never bought leg warmers

So, it's YOUR turn now! What did you do or not do in 2008?

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Ashley said...

I didn't do any of your didn't do things either so you're not the only one. lol

Songbirdtiff said...

I've never even heard of Bikram yoga, but it doesn't sound like fun. How uncool am I? :)

Mom2fur said...

I'm sure your coolness level is just fine, LOL! I finally did see "The Dark Knight" at my son's insistence and have to say it's a good movie--maybe even great as far as that kind of film goes. I just kept thinking what a shame it is about Keith Ledger, who could have been one of our finest actors.

Oh, my gosh...legwarmers came back into style?

~~gail~~mooselovingmamabear said...

Your "coolness" level is more than fine, in fact, stop by my blog house to add a little something for your blog house, cuz I know that your way "kewL"...

Anonymous said...

I am so not a cool person. There is so much I will never do for the sake of fashion. "Skinny" jeans on me would not be cute, and I'm a small person. They are so junior high as are the leggings I wore and leg warmers. Seeing all of the 80's skater prints back cracks me up. I did see Dark Knight but that's about it for my cool factor.

Laura said...

Okay, totally did Facebook, in fact, just left it! Didn't do the Posh do, but did do the Nicole Ritchie. No leg warmers or gladiator sandles, but did do the ballet flats and they kill my feet! I am a Twilight fanatic and I think Heath Ledger deserves an Oscar! No leggings, or IPhone, skinny jeans (not so skinny), yoga, belted waist, but I definitely attempted to "Go Green"!

That was fun!

Laura :)

HeathahLee said...

I joined facebook, too! I absolutely LOVE flair! :)

Um, yeah, that about does it as far as cool goes.

Oh yeah, I started a BLOG! Woo hoo!

nikkicrumpet said...

Yup...I'm 0 for 8 on those things too! And I don't think I missed anything by not being cool lol

Shannon said...

I didn't do anything you didn't do either except I snuck Twilight in on Dec. 26th or 27th. :) I think you really would like them. I was VERY skeptical but they are good entertainment.

Katie said...

You missed out on Twilight it is very good and very romantic. That hair cut was everywhere here this spring/summer. I think your pretty trendy with your blog and all.. Hve fun in 09!

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