Saturday, July 11, 2009

  {Garage Sale}

(lol, I couldn't help myself with this picture!)

We had a garage sale today. Wow, now I remember why we only have garage sales once a year! lol We woke up this morning at 6am to set everything up for our 8am sale, only to find out that the neighbors across the street had already set their entire sale up (didn't know they were having one!) and were already selling!! At 6:30! So we hightailed it to get everything out and got tons of traffic at 7! That was a blessing in disguise because in the Texas heat, garage sales are not much fun! lol

Anyway, we got a ton of junk out of the house (surprisingly though, not the stuff I thought would sell!) and I even brought some decor stuff back inside and decided to re-purpose it or re-do it! So I am hoping to share some of those projects soon! Also, we made almost $200, so that will go towards our "fix the house to sell the house" fund! Did anyone say new flooring for the kitchen and bathrooms?!?! YEAH BABY!! :)

A little note that I found really strange about our sale today. We decided to hang all of our clothing up on a rack and give it all individual prices instead of everything $1 like we normally do....we sold SO MUCH CLOTHING it was crazy! My sister made almost $70 just in clothing! Talk about awesome!!

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ko said...

glad you guys did so well! :) Way to go! :) We have been on a major CLEAN OUT! I must be going through the nesting STAGE!! HAHA! Take care..glad your back

Lauren said...

Good job! Too bad you do not live around here... I could sure use some help.

~stopped by via SITS~

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